Weighted blankets can decrease insomnia severity

5 Key Points from the randomized, controlled trial published by the American Academy of sleep medicine that finds weighted blankets are safe and effective

01 Insomnia Patients

Swedish researchers who found that insomnia patients with psychiatric disorders experienced reduced insomnia severity, improved sleep and less daytime sleepiness when sleeping with a weighted blanket.

02 More likely to achieve remission

Participants in the weighted blanket group were almost 26 times more likely to experience a decrease of 50% or more in their insomnia severity compared with the control group, and they were nearly 20 times more likely to achieve remission of their insomnia. Positive results were maintained during a 12-month

03 Explanation

A suggested explanation for the calming and sleep-promoting effect is the pressure that the [weighted] blanket applies on different points on the body, stimulating the sensation of touch and the sense of muscles and joints, similar to acupressure and massage,” said principle investigator Dr. Mats Alder

04 Participants and weights used

The study involved 120 adults (68% women, 32% men) Participants assigned to the weighted blanket group tried an 8-kilogram (about 17.6 pounds) blanket at the clinic. Ten participants found it to be too heavy and received a 6-kilogram (about 13.2 pounds) blanket instead.

05 Touch: a basic need that provides calming and comfort

Further to the research, the study results may support the psychoanalytic holding environment” theory, which states that touch is a basic need that provides calming and comfort, further research is needed.


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